Managed Rental

Residential buy to rent

Long-term rentals

Investors purchasing to let can select to do so directly, through the onsite rental manager, or through agencies working in the area.

Short-term rentals

The developer has selected a short-term property manager who will establish a presence on-site to manage short-term letting apartments on behalf of owners. 

Wavescapes unique location and active lifestyle offerings are perfect for a short-term accommodation alternative for tourists and weekend getaways.  The development offers investors the opportunity to capitalise on this active lifestyle and tourism market. 

Acquire a unit, add on a furnishing pack and assign with the managed rental units, serviced by an in-house manager with experience in short-term rentals. Owners will still have the opportunity of using their units even when placed under the short-term management option, by making such arrangements with the short-term rental manager. Use this to facility to benefit from rental income when not in use and leverage usage and returns appreciably.

Russell Smith

Development Director